Individual, Relationship and Couples Counselling, Swindon

Frequently asked questions:  Relationship Counselling

Q What is Couples Counselling/Relationship Counselling?

You will be supported and listened to whilst you explore the difficult emotions you are now experiencing; in a safe non judgemental environment. You will have the opportunity to consider possible choices and mutually beneficial solutions.
Everything shared during a session is confidential.

Q What is a Couple?

A Couple is two people in a Relationship. I work with the two of you, who are experiencing difficulties regardless of sexual orientation.

Q How do we start? how often do we attend? and how do we end?

If you would like more details of the service, please contact me by phone or e-mail; click here for details. We will have an initial one hour session where we will discuss the relationship and agree a way forward. Attendance is on a weekly basis. It is open ended work in that you have the control when to end; I will make recommendations and the choice will be yours.

Q What are the fees for Couple Counselling/Relationship Counselling?

Counselling sessions are an hour and the fee per couple is £70 per session, payable by BACS transfer at the end of each session. Missed or cancelled sessions will be charged at the sessional rate.

Q Why do people come for Couples Counselling/Relationship Counselling?

Please refer to our Relationship and Couples Counselling section by clicking here.

Q Do I provide Family Therapy?

No: A Couple is two people; a Family is more than two; often two parents and one or more children; I do not provide Family Therapy.